"I live in Kentucky and had the misfortune of being stopped within a "speed trap" resulting in traffic violation requiring me to attend a court session. I had contacted a lawyer who was to represent me but unfortunately became seriously ill. The case was delayed but the lawyer apparently not able to attend a second court date.  I could not reach the law firm to question where the standing of the case and until I received an official letter from the NC Court system found out I was in danger of losing my license and increased fines. I searched the Hendersonville, NC area and found an ad for the Pearson Law Firm. Mr. Pearson answered my frantic call and after explaining the situation agreed to represent me and did so the very next day after I sent in some information.  He also successfully had the infraction reduced to a back seat seat belt violation where I immediately paid the fine.  Mr. Pearson was very accommodating and quickly turned the situation to a close. I would recommend the Pearson Law Firm to anyone who needs assistance in the Hendersonville, NC area."    -- D. S.

“There are not enough words for me to express my gratitude and appreciation for you, Attorney Pearson, and your law firm.”     -- F. W.

​"I received a speeding ticket, due to the speed there was a risk I would have my licensed revoked. I was referred to Mr. Pearson and he was EXCELLENT. He was readily available, efficient, thorough, responsive and reasonably priced. He appeared on my behalf and kept me updated immediately. He was able to get the ticket significantly reduced. He took care of everything. I highly recommend Mr. Pearson. He is very trustworthy."​        -- E. A.

"It’s something everybody needs to do. We don’t like to think about it, you think its time consuming, expensive and a pain in the butt! Setting up your last will and testament. That’s what I thought as well. But it doesn’t need to be. Doug Pearson of The Pearson Law Firm took care of me and my wife’s. It was quick and easy, and the cost is nothing compared to what your loved ones would have to pay if you died without one and everything went to probate court. My wife and I had a short consultation and a questionnaire for homework. In less than a week, we spent 30 minutes reviewing every detail with Doug and it was done. I know if something happens to me or my wife or both, my kids will be in a loving home, they will have a trust to help them for the future. My family will know what my wishes are for the hospital and as well as how to say farewell. And I have peace of mind, which in this world is priceless. I know several attorneys in the area, heck my brother is one back home. But when you are deciding on who to trust for this, go with an attorney who does this often and is highly recommended by satisfied customers that are now friends."   -- J. F.

 "Mr. Pearson went to work for us and was able to work the matter out without going to court, saving us thousands of dollars. I can't say enough good things about this man. He was honest with all parties and gave us wise counsel. I would not hesitate to contact him again if we ever need legal counsel again and would recommend him to anyone."        -- D. T.

"Mr. Pearson recently helped me with the creation of a will. He was very knowledgeable, and he clearly had a great deal of experience with estate planning. I was very impressed with the depth of questioning and Mr. Pearson's attention to detail. There were so many issues and people that I hadn't even considered in the preparation of a will. After everything was prepared, we met to sign and finalize the plan. Mr. Pearson spent time explaining each document, making sure I understood what I was signing. He was thorough, and I left the office feeling comfortable about every aspect of my estate plan. I would recommend Mr. Pearson to anyone looking for an attorney. I was very pleased with the attention and care that was spent on my needs. I would hire Mr. Pearson again."         -- L.J.

"Mr. Pearson is excellent! I would definitely recommend him to anyone, very reasonable on his price. And you get what you pay for. He treats you more like a friend than a client. He means what he says. He's trustworthy and just plain good at what he does. He got me probation out of my second felony charge. There's so much more I can say about him. But I'd rather have you find out for yourself."        -- J. E. 



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"I was summons to the area of Hendersonville on very short notice. I had never visited this area before and was at a loss on where and how to contact a lawyer in the area to represent me.  I googled lawyers in the area and read the reviews of several lawyers in the area. After reading the reviews of Mr. Pearson and his background, I called Mr. Pearson and was pleasantly surprised he answered the phone and this was at 4:00 PM on a Friday afternoon.  He heard the situation and immediately started giving me resources and advice . Throughout the weekend, I sent him information via emails and each time, he responded back. He is not your typical lawyer. He is amazing. He is able to understand a situation, gather the information and put your best interest in his mind. Once meeting him, I was even more impressed with him and staff.  He is a solid lawyer and puts forward all his best for a client. He is personable, understanding, and ethical. I sensed empathy immediately and felt safe with him handling our case. I deeply appreciated his belief in me and mostly want to add that his  genuine spirit of humanness and compassion helped us in a difficult situation."      -- B. S.

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