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From the excitement of adoption to the struggles of separation, family law decisions lay close to the heart. As a whole, family law involves marriage, child custody, divorce, reproductive rights, adoption, paternity, domestic violence (which is a criminal offense that impacts the family), and other closely related areas. Because these matters are very emotional, choosing an attorney who is not only skilled in family law matters, but where you feel you have good communication is critical. Mr. Pearson is here to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

When might I need a family law attorney?

If you are undergoing the stress of separation, or divorce, your attorney helps to negotiate terms that are acceptable to you. This can occur through a collaborative law process or through litigation in court. If the separation is not contentious, collaborative law is an option that maintains key relationships, a great benefit to any children in the family, and also saves on legal fees. Another area your attorney can negotiate for you in a separation or divorce is for alimony, where one party provides financial support for the other, and also for child custody and child support arrangements.

If you are looking to adopt a child or are considering fostering a child an attorney can help. Mr. Pearson can help you with petitions to terminate parental rights and to establish guardianships. On the other side of the spectrum, in certain situations children may become emancipated if they can prove their maturity and ability to live apart from their parents.

Domestic violence and child abuse cases are heard in criminal court. However, in these situations there are often legal issues which will need to be addressed in family court as well. Mr. Pearson has extensive experience in these matters and understands the complicated dynamics involved in these situations.

What can I expect in the divorce process?

Usually, but not always, a separation is the first step. Discussions with your attorney will explore whether a temporary, permanent or legal separation is best for you. Oftentimes, asset division, child custody, and child support arrangements will be negotiated in the separation and be outlined in a legally binding separation agreement. If you can agree on working together collaborative law can make the divorce process much less stressful (and less expensive) and can allow for better joint parenting down the road.

There are many steps in the litigated divorce process, including filing a petition, service of process, response, temporary orders, negotiation, trial, and receiving your final divorce decree. On average, expect your divorce to take a few months over a year. Although sometimes a divorce will take much longer, especially if the spouses disagree on multiple points.

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