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  • Everyone has an Estate!
  • Three documents are critical: A Will, a Power of Attorney, and a Healthcare Directive.
  •  We do not recommend ​ drafting your own Will. It is often impossible to fix errors or omissions after your death. 


Do I really have an Estate?

Yes! Almost everyone has an Estate, but in day-to-day conversation we don’t usually think of our possessions in that way. Everything you own--car, house, bank account, or life insurance policy--is part of your Estate. Estates also include items like furniture, dishes and collectibles. 

Can't I just write my own Will?

If you meet certain stipulations mandated by the State of North Carolina, yes you can choose to write your own valid Will. The real question at hand is not whether it is possible, but whether it is advisable. If you want your loved ones to benefit from your estate, most financial experts agree hiring a lawyer to write your Will is money well spent.  A well-written Will customized to your circumstances is a document that can often suit your needs for a long time--especially if you have periodic reviews performed to ensure it meets current legal requirements and encompasses changes in your family situation.

What documents do I need?

Three essential documents we recommend all families have are: 

  • A Will 
  • A Power of Attorney 
  • A Healthcare Directive 

Depending upon how many assets are involved, and depending on the details about your family we may recommend using other Estate Planning tools as well. We recommend also considering your digital estate planning needs, with a plan designed especially for your online accounts and assets. 

Does your family know what you would want if you became ill or passed on? Make sure your wishes are clear. Contact Attorney Doug Pearson at (828)424-9859 to schedule an Estate Planning meeting today.

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A Will is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words "Estate Planning." However, the Estate Planning area of law covers far more than just one document. Trusts are another Estate Planning instrument that may allow for even greater asset protection.

With the options currently available in medical care another important document, the Healthcare Directive (sometimes alternatively called a Living Will) lays out your desires for medical treatment. HIPAA releases signed in advance can help your family to easily get all the information they need to make hard medical decisions according to your wishes.

General and specific Powers of Attorney, including Healthcare Powers of Attorney, are also part of the Estate Planning services offered by The Pearson Law Firm.

No one likes to think about Estate Planning, but when we don't act to put a plan in place during our lifetime we lose the option to let our desires be known. The probate process will be complicated enough for your family without the Court deciding how to divide your property or who will care for your children. 

Please contact us now at 828-424-9859 to start your Estate Planning process.


Wills & Estate Planning


​​​"It’s something everybody needs to do. We don’t like to think about it, you think its time consuming, expensive and a pain... Setting up your last will and testament. That is what I thought as well. But it doesn’t need to be. Doug Pearson of The Pearson Law Firm took care of me and my wife’s. It was quick and easy, and the cost is nothing compared to what your loved ones would have to pay if you died without one and everything went to probate court. 

Now I know if something happens to me or my wife or both, my kids will be in a loving home, they will have a trust to help them for the future. My family will know my wishes. And I have peace of mind, which in this world is priceless. I know several attorneys in the area, heck my brother is one back home. But when you are deciding on who to trust for this, go with an attorney who does this often and is highly recommended by satisfied customers that are now friends."   -- J. F.

"Mr. Pearson recently helped me with the creation of a will. He was very knowledgeable, and he clearly had a great deal of experience with estate planning. I was very impressed with the depth of questioning and Mr. Pearson's attention to detail. There were so many issues and people that I hadn't even considered in the preparation of a will. I would recommend Mr. Pearson to anyone looking for an attorney. I was very pleased with the attention and care that was spent on my needs. I would hire Mr. Pearson again."    -- L.J.


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Wills & Estate Planning